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Glamcycle your Wardrobe FAQ's

Posted by Alexandria Meade on

You mat have noticed our new Glamcycling Program in Rex on Bold Street allowing you to take your vintage buys, sale finds and old wardrobe pieces and give them a glamorous makeover.
Loads of people have been asking me sooooo many questions about Glamcycling so I decided to put together this blogpost to explain to everyone what it is exactly about!
Glamcycling FAQ's:
What Exactly is Glamcycling?
Its basically a makeover for your clothing. Over the years a lot of people have commented on clothing they have found in beautiful fabrics but the actual style doesn't suit them. This is especially the case for Vintage clothing; I wanted to give people the chance to buy vintage clothing but make it more flattering for them.
Can anything be Glamcycled?
I'd love to say yes to this but unfortunately this really depends on the finished product you actually want. Although a maxi can be made shorter it obvious that a short dress can't be made into a maxi! The best thing to do would be to bring items into store for me to look at and advice what we can do to make them the most glamorous pieces in your wardrobe.
How long does it take? 
This can really depend on how busy we are. We try our best to not have your products for longer than 2 weeks although if you do need them for a certain date we will do our best to endeavour this. 
Why Glamcycle?
When you bin your old clothing they go to a landfill site where a gas called methane is released which contributes to climate change. Making use of your old clothing will also prevent you from buying new thing, reducing the need for more goods to be manufactured. 

Visit us in store at Rex on Bold Street to see what we can do for your wardrobe!

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Love Alex x


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